SSSHC therapists have years of experience working in a variety of areas including: couples therapy; compulsive or obsessive sexual behavior; difficulties with erection; rapid or delayed ejaculation; loss or lack of desire and desire discrepancy in the couple relationship; vaginismus (muscle spasms of the vagina that impede penetration); sexual pain; gender identity concerns; issues of sexual identity and orientation; fetishism; sexual trauma; paraphilias; polyamory and non-monogamous relationships; sexuality and illness, aging, and/or physical ability; and sex during and post pregnancy, among others. You can sign up for sessions online, or by emailing us at

Sessions cost $150 per therapy hour (for therapy with Stephen Duclos there is a $200 fee per session). For therapy with a sex therapy intern, sessions are $90 per hour.

South Shore Sexual Health Center, LLC, (SSSHC) provides all of the CEU’s and Skills Training needed to become an American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) certified Sex Therapist. Learn more

Rather than attending therapy in a more ongoing way, busy clients are offered the option to participate in three 90 minute intensive sessions that take place over the course of a weekend. These sessions are highly structured, directive, and focused, allowing for quicker movement through the issue or issues at hand. Common topics include: recovery from an affair, skills to enhance sexual play, rekindling desire in the relationship, sexual communication, and negotiation of a non-monogamous lifestyle, among many others. Therapy is not only directed at dissolution of the identified issue, but ongoing sexual and intimate satisfaction for the lifespan of the couple. Partners should leave with a greater understanding of both their intimate relationship and themselves.  The cost of the sex therapy intensive is $900, you can sign up here or by emailing us at

Individuals working towards AASECT board-certification as sex therapists are offered individual and group supervision with an SSSHC clinician. It is not a requirement that supervisees be enrolled in SSSHC’s certification training program in order to receive supervision. For more information about upcoming supervision dates, please visit or contact us at (781) 214-0811.